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Drama Queen ALERT: Hollywood elite send letter to Congress about Trump and ‘Constitutional Crisis’

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If any of these people can spell the word Constitution, let alone have read it, we’ll eat our hat. And crisis, really? Hello drama queens. Celebrities Send Constitutional Crisis Letter To Congress About Trump — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 18, 2017 // From The Smoke Room: Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and tons […]


Michael Moore blames Ebola on Texas, GOP, NRA, and Wall Street bankers

, , , ,!/MMFlint/status/522656055638384640 Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter early this morning to unleash an anti-Texas, anti-GOP, anti-NRA, anti-Wall Street Ebola rant. Texas. The state that questions evolution in its HS textbooks. The state that wants 2 remove Jefferson from a part of its history textbooks. — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) October 16, 2014 Personally, I haven't […]


Michael Moore marks Equal Pay Day with higher movie ticket prices

, , , , ,!/MMFlint/status/453614075230961664 In observance of Equal Pay Day, Michael Moore has declared that all men coming to his Traverse City theaters will pay an extra 25 percent per ticket. Seems like the perfect solution, at least from Moore’s point of view: women (who allegedly earn less for equal work) pay what they would have paid anyway, […]


Michael Moore blasts retailers that are open for business on Thanksgiving

, , ,!/MMFlint/status/405934175607214080 Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for a Thanksgiving Day boycott on chain stores that are open for business today. He’s not the only one who is unhappy:!/WhitneySandefur/status/406001249570414592!/STR8_KILLER/status/405990677928230912!/AuzzieBakes/status/405984491216175104!/Sabreenabee/status/405958373905948673!/_saraellen/status/405912710816497664!/jbiedrzycki45/status/405896580320223233!/kristinpuhl/status/405990220610285568!/Aaengelhart/status/405842789218271232 On the other hand, not everyone who has to work today is upset about it:!/tatumchambers/status/405904650316283904!/__Beeyouteeful/status/406000459191562240!/ktowngamblr/status/405999879219998721 […]