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Someone’s JELLY: Brian Stelter lectures Fox News about ‘responsibility,’ trips over his own network

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Hey Brian, maybe worry more about your own outlet? It would seem someone is a little fussy about Fox & Friends being called the most powerful TV show in America. Perhaps if Brian worked more and complained less his show would garner a more powerful position? HA HA HA … sorry, we totally just cracked […]


‘Disgusted’: Marion Barry rants about HBO biopic, Spike Lee & more

, , , , , ,!/marionbarryjr/status/462226169006682114 Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is best known nationally for having been arrested for smoking crack long before anyone had ever heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Barry has nonetheless remained a towering figure in D.C. city politics for decades. Now a city councilman, Barry took to social media to express his displeasure with HBO’s planned movie about […]


Katie Pavlich, Michelle Malkin post Tea Party pics for Throwback Thursday

, , ,!/KatiePavlich/status/439163274337472514 What’s better than a Throwback Thursday shot of Katie Pavlich at a Tea Party gathering five years ago? A photo of Katie Pavlich and a photo of Michelle Malkin, that’s what.!/michellemalkin/status/439223138262335488


Winnie Cooper and Shakira get spanked by security

, , , , , ,!/bridgec17/status/468218121338507264 Renowned mathematician Danica McKellar who played Winnie Cooper in “The Wonder Years” and Colombian singer songwriter Shakira got a little too excited during the Michael Jackson tribute at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards.!/TJOpp1963/status/468219237001994240 Down, boy. *** Related ‘He’s baaaccck!’ Michael Jackson hologram performs at Billboard Music Awards [pics, video] ‘Whoa! What did Shakira just do’ […]


Rob Lowe remembers ‘two young pups’ on set of ‘The Outsiders’ [photo]

, ,!/comebackinclub/status/500381649889427456 The movie “The Outsiders” was released over 30 years ago, and actor Rob Lowe was recently reminded of the early days:!/RobLowe/status/500380844348162048 Time flies! Related: Twitchy coverage of Rob Lowe


WHOOPS: Daily Kos tries trashing Trump for exhaustion, trips over Hillary collapsing at 9/11 event

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President Trump has been in a whirlwind of activity since taking office, so it’s no surprise that traveling around the globe is wearing on him. Of course the media likes to pretend it’s because he’s incapable of his office but even a person half his age would likely need a rest. But go on, tell […]


Obamacare perspective added to Ellen DeGeneres’ #OscarSelfie retweet record

, , ,!/AFPhq/status/440346073769336832 Ouch! Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie has broken a retweet record previously held by @BarackObama, and, fittingly enough, it has also surpassed the number of people who have enrolled in Obamacare, according to Americans for Prosperity. Point of order:!/Mesz51/status/440349806213357570 *** Related Oscars posts: Jennifer Lawrence and Hillary Clinton: Hair twins? Lib journo Howard Fineman […]


Smart take! Actor James Morrison an early frontrunner for stupidest tweet of 2014

, , ,!/JayCaruso/status/418782231981596673 Oh, this we’ve gotta see:!/JamesPMorrison/status/418780475121864704 And to think … we once rooted for Bill Buchanan.!/conkc2/status/418783006581477377 Seriously. Do we have an early front-runner for stupidest tweet of the year?!/michelelfrost/status/418784654133837824!/EEElverhoy/status/418785676721545217 And what is it with liberals’ continued insistence that Jesus would want Obamacare?!/NolteNC/status/418783118112219137 Yeah, guess we missed that bit, too. Oh […]


NBC blasted for scrubbing Olympics anti-discrimination statement

, , , , , , , ,!/sunnyright/status/432149036775510016 Because that’s how NBC rolls. Last night Twitchy told you about some of the idiocy that sent #NBCFail trending once again. But this one deserves its own post. An NBC exec said the network aired the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics on tape-delay to give the event the “context” and “pageantry it […]


‘TOO EASY’ to school this media swoonfest over Leonardo DiCaprio ‘saving the planet’? (Hint: Yes. With photo)

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Oh boy. Gag us with a silver spoon (shaddup! The 80’s were awesome). Well, the pathetic and ignorant media swoonfest over Hollywood hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio and his quest to “save the planet” continues. Did Mashable not see the ONE photo response earlier in the week from this MTV star? We’ll help them out. You see, […]