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Martha MacCallum sums up Russia’s hockey loss with one Putin face [pic]

, , , ,!/exjon/status/436151485257117697 Delicious.!/LeonHWolf/status/436152167666155520 Snicker. At Sochi on Wednesday morning, Finland eliminated Russia and will move on to the hockey semifinals.!/reflog62/status/436147156483715072!/KRock_19/status/436153730225168384!/Richie_Murray/status/436149568393068544!/ColtonDaly/status/436144042238566400 Ask and ye shall receive! Or, receive-ish. Heh. Well, we can imagine his face today. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum tweeted out this hilarious Putin Face photo from earlier this week that […]


WH glad O-care discourages working; MacCallum destroys with one question

, , , ,!/brianjameswalsh/status/431055711901327360 And it’s totally good news, guys! According to the lying liars who lie in the Obama administration, at least. More from Hot Air: I’m done, guys. If we’ve reached the stage of welfare-state decadence where it’s a selling point for a new entitlement that it discourages able-bodied people from working, there’s no reason to keep […]


MacCallum: School canceled at sign of ‘1st snowflake’ but not for Ebola?

, ,!/countryokie1/status/518006380683206656 A man from Liberia remains hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, the people in an apartment where he had been staying are being quarantined (kind of), and about 100 people who had contact with the infected man are being monitored. What about area schools? Martha MacCallum had a priorities question: Explain to me why […]