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A Whimsical Photographer Finds Magic in the Tiniest Places. So Beautiful.

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Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who goes by Slava, really likes mushrooms. After photography, which is his main passion and one inherited from his father, he counts mushrooms as some of his favorite things, and describes himself as an “avid mushroom hunter.” Naturally, he decided to combine hs two favorite things in the world and the results are incredible. […]


You’re Going To Swear This Is Photoshop But I Assure You… It’s Awesomely Real. And Amazing.

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The photos below may look like they been created using Photoshop or assembled together using dead ants, but the ants in these incredible photos are very much alive. They are the work of Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov, who spends hours setting up each fairytale scene before photographing it with the help of his little art subjects […]


This Artist Managed to Make Spider Webs Beautiful. I Didn’t Think That Was Possible.

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Alberto Ghizzi Panizza is a talented Italian photographer. He is one of the best macro and landscape photographers around. His work is even featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. His most striking series explores the close beauty contained in a simple spider web. I never thought it was possible for a spider web […]