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Loretta Lynch’s alias for Clinton spin emails CEMENTS Obama’s ‘historic transparency’ legacy

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Documents released by the Justice Department (much of it redacted) showed Washington Post and New York Times Obama lapdogs working to help kill or soften the political impact of Bill Clinton’s shady meeting with Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix airport tarmac before last year’s election. Also during that time period, the document release showed that […]


Rep. Keith Ellison targets armed protest outside mosque

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As Twitchy reported, a number of groups operating under the name “Global Rally for Humanity” held protestsoutside 20 or so mosques across the country October 10, the same day thatLouis Farrakhan held his #JusticeOrElse rally on the National Mall. Included among those mosques was the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where the two men who […]


Source says James Comey recalled ‘frosty’ encounter with Loretta Lynch over Hillary investigation

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The New York Times and Washington Post have drawn massive attention by volleying stories gleaned from “anonymous sources” back and forth, so excuse us if we indulge a bit and take a look at Circa, which on Monday citedsources familiar with former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony after Senators pulled closed the tent flaps on […]


Three Brooklyn Residents Charged With Planning To Join ISIS And Attack The President

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The three men came to the attention of the authorities after posting pro-ISIS messages online. They planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS or, failing that, attack targets in the U.S. One of the defendants allegedly admitted to federal agents that he would kill President Obama if ordered to do so by ISIS. A […]