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‘Good stuff, Preezy’: WH claims photog access at Obama/Biden lunch is all about transparency

, , , , , , , ,!/SSReaney/status/420953338641797120 As Twitchy reported, still photography will be allowed during today’s Obama-Biden lunch date. Plenty of people thought the timing was suspect, as portions of former SecDef Robert Gates’ new book, which is quite critical of Obama and Biden, made the rounds yesterday. But the White House wants to assure all skeptics that the cameras […]


‘Crock of lies!’ Obama says extending unemployment benefits ‘creates new jobs’

, , , , , , ,!/gretawire/status/420600123765170176 Where are they? Never fear, America. President Obama is on it:!/WhiteHouse/status/420603134583394304 Gee, it sounds so simple! We’re so blessed to be ruled by the Smartest President Evah™.!/quicksilver382/status/420602634878586880!/a_ryan88/status/420604480808165376!/JedediahBila/status/420602101496963072!/derekahunter/status/420602945450049536!/TaxesYouPay/status/420603800106188800!/Carinrosayn/status/420604227132481537!/exjon/status/420602490870976512 Indeed. Time for a cold dose of reality:!/michellemalkin/status/420602978278457344 Read more:


Harry Reid’s answer to crappy jobs report? More unemployment insurance!

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RT @SenatorReid: Our policies have devastated the economy, so Republicans must stop opposing our policies! — L (@OrwellForks) January 10, 2014 That fake retweet is Harry Reid in a nutshell. After today’s sucky jobs report came out, Reid had the nerve to say this: Today's report shows why Republicans must join with Democrats to […]


Rep. Jared Polis uses Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision

, , , ,!/jaredpolis/status/483656976946061312 Um, what? @jaredpolis there are only three female justices…. — Mike (@stumbalinaa) June 30, 2014 @jaredpolis There are 3 female justices. Breyer dissented too. — Angel Rossi (@AngellRossi) June 30, 2014 Also, nobody really voted “to deny contraception.” Hobby Lobby employees are still able to purchase all forms of legal birth control, including abortifacients, on their own. Of course, […]