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FYI: Laura Ingraham is NOT impressed with the horse Roy Moore rode in on

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As Twitchy told you earlier, Roy Moore mounted his trusty horse Sassy and rode to his polling place to vote. Aside from it being a sort of tradition for him, he might have figured it would help boost his down-home, rugged-masculinity cred. But Laura Ingraham, for one, isn’t buying what Moore was selling, at least […]


Camille Paglia: Our PC nation has become ‘utterly fascist and utterly Stalinist’

, ,!/IngrahamAngle/status/413779951528448001 Professor Camille Paglia was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Thursday, and she had a lot to say about free speech, as well as those who try to squelch it; for example, by suspending Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”!/IngrahamAngle/status/413718014278656000!/HK91A2/status/413721571237167104 To be fair, the outspoken Paglia has been responsible for climate change […]


Is Laura Ingraham going to an Alabama game? Nancy Pelosi knows the answer

, ,!/mike_purser/status/510262074199801856 Asked, and answered: Does Pelosi use Botox? "@mike_purser: are you coming to a Bama game this year?" #RTR — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 12, 2014 Should we take that as a “yes”? Only Nancy Pelosi knows for sure.


#SOTU snort! Ingraham, Crowley note something funny about Sheila Jackson Lee

, ,!/IngrahamAngle/status/428349151542517760 Snickering madly.!/bcass41447/status/428346249625219072 Oh yes. People have noticed:!/grahamkp/status/428350085924024321 At least she’s consistent: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is predictably hilarious.!/annelw/status/428350134691176448!/MuffyMartini/status/428352188138524672 How many days? This tweet is from December:!/ScottFeinberg/status/412814756907851776 Or even longer than that? Monica Crowley thinks so!!/MonicaCrowley/status/428349545492144128 And an exit nerd-game idea:!/AshleyCiandella/status/428271009716645888 Heh.


What Ted Cruz just said to Laura Ingraham about GOP ‘leadership’ will make you fist pump!

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So, some people are loving how Senator Ted Cruz just nutshelled the problem with Republican “leadership.” The senator was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today. And then this happened: Bam. Double bam! Yep. The craven need not apply. Can you hear us now, GOP? This is the power of new media: We can […]


Laura Ingraham sees ‘#ModerateFlop’ in Jerry Brown’s GOP opponent

, , , , ,!/Ronin4Hire/status/514631615356862464 California Governor Jerry Brown so far doesn’t appear to be facing a tight re-election battle against Republican Neel Kashkari: CA Republican Neel Kashkari, who boasts being socially liberal, trails Gov. Jerry Brown by 21pts. #ModerateFlop — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 24, 2014 The “moderate” Republican candidate trails Gov. Jerry Brown big time: Democratic […]


HealthCare.Gov ‘glitch’ reveals truth? What’s really down for maintenance

, , ,!/Hesiod2k11/status/450632044138491904 What? Down again? Say it ain’t so.!/IngrahamAngle/status/450586390833930241 Yep. As Twitchy reported, HealthCare.Gov was down again this morning just in time for deadline day!!/bstout/status/450601740144889856 Well, it might not be deadline day, according to the White House’s countdown clock: Time is hard.!/dbetzel/status/450588110892830720 Snicker.!/discus74/status/450587797750284288 Heh. And an exit hard truth:!/ZeusAmerMastiff/status/450587917380239360 Bingo. Here’s […]