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‘Frozen’: Oscars show viewers criticize, defend 81-year-old Kim Novak

, ,!/karl_wells/status/440318426469236737!/KerriTheGinger/status/440319590917107712!/JDubCLT/status/440312102536769536 Veteran actress Kim Novak was trending on Twitter tonight after her Oscars award show appearance. But not in a good way. Harsh critics took to social media to analyze her possible overuse of anti-aging interventions. Unfortunately, Novak just so happened to announce that the animated flick “Frozen” was an Oscar winner.!/MattHelms/status/440312952214671360 […]


9 Of The Weirdest Google Searches About Scientists

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Apparently, there’s a war in the science community. 1. Well, we’re off to a bad start. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › ASU / Via 2. Biologists are kind of stupid, obviously. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › BBC / […]


Kim Kardashian Vs. Rita Ora: Who Wore Pink Latex Best?

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They both wore a similar dress to the same party in the same town on the same day. So who rocked it harder? 1. Here’s Kim in the dress. View this image › FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES 2. And here’s Rita. View this image › David M. Benett / Getty Images 3. Here’s Kim holding a fur […]


7 Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian Might Not Know How Weather Works

Rule of thumb: If it’s cold you wear more clothing. If it’s hot you wear less. Nothing is more important to Kimmy K than fashion.* In fact, she’s made clear that she isn’t going to let weather (or her daughter) get in her way of her look. *also family But lately it’s just like, […]


The Makers Of “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” Will Release A Katy Perry Game

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Glu Mobile, the company behind “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” says it’s repeating its formula with Katy Perry. (You know, the singer who was the backup act for Left Shark at the Super Bowl.) View this image › Glu Mobile / Via The company behind “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” the addictive mobile game that’s been downloaded more […]


Cartoon Kim Kardashian not ashamed to support President Obama in midterms

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@CeliaBigelow @KatiePavlich @KimKardashian the moron vote is energized — johnnymagoo (@johnnymagoo2) November 4, 2014 Kim Kardashian gave the, um, Obama campaign a last-minute boost Monday night with an Instagram photo that appears to have been lifted from her popular iPhone game. — Jayvie Canono (@OneFineJay) November 4, 2014 It’s a nice gesture for Kardashian […]