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Dennis Rodman can’t contain glee over reunion with BFF Kim Jong Un [pics]

, , , ,!/dguttenfelder/status/420066025434918913 “Flair”? If by “flair” you mean “reckless disregard for human suffering,” then yes. Rodman’s got pantloads of flair. The ex-NBA star is back in North Korea for his bestie Kim Jong Un’s 31st birthday, and this time, he’s brought some friends with him.!/Stone_SkyNews/status/420090922622533632!/hohocho/status/420095858638479360 Brutal dictatorships are hilarious!!/dguttenfelder/status/420103516963631104!/mpspavor/status/420140955748933632!/mpspavor/status/420143347802447872 How nice […]


Forget Brian Williams and his beautiful missiles; this take on North Korea’s hardware is R-rated

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Earlier this week, MSNBC managed to offend its viewers twice over: first, the channel cut from Rachel Maddow to veteran newsman Brian Williams to cover the U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase. Worse yet, Williams tried to wax poetic, paraphrasing someLeonard Cohenlyrics about “the beauty of our weapons.” Alec Baldwin and others were not […]


Obama ‘waves off’ Iraq question for laser-like focus on robotic giraffe

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Pres Obama waves off question about Iraq situation – saying he's focused on the Maker Faire projects including a biodiesel car. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) June 18, 2014 During the “White House Maker Faire” today, President Obama was singularly focused on a bio diesel car, and something else: Obama is now meeting with the robot […]


‘That’s just funny!’ Ted Cruz takes a snicker-worthy swipe at Kim Jong Un

, ,!/Matthops82/status/456456716084080640 Was a London salon really reprimanded by North Korean officials after using an image of Kim Jong Un in a promotion? The Guardian reported the story but admitted it hasn’t been confirmed. But that’s no reason not to have a little fun. Sen. Ted Cruz did: What’s worse than a guy with a bad haircut? A guy with a […]