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Fox News hosts pro-Trump? Jonah Goldberg names names

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Seeing asNational Review recently publisheda special“Against Trump” issue compiling essays by a long list of conservatives opposing the nomination of Donald Trump, it’s no surprise that National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg has his eye out for right-wingers who are, if not actively supporting Trump, not joining the movement against him. One place he’s finding these […]


‘Who says that?’ Obama busts out the straw men for West Point commencement speech

, , , , ,!/JonahNRO/status/471662356003844098 This morning, President Obama addressed the graduating class at West Point. He brought his old pal Mr. Straw Man along for moral support:!/JacksonDiehl/status/471661663067049985 Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?!/JeffreyGoldberg/status/471660904015462400 Barack Obama would like to argue that there are people who argue that.!/jpodhoretz/status/471660901486309377!/NoahPollak/status/471662623260684289!/lachlan/status/471662011345305600 Well, maybe someone disagrees …!/jpodhoretz/status/471661935944269824 Heh. Seriously, though. How pathetic […]