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Darrell Issa subpoenas John Kerry; Citizens request fresh Hillary testimony

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Dear @DarrellIssa Why subpoena John Kerry and not Hillary? He wasn't even peripheral to #Benghazi She was all over it. #priorities — FredZeppelin (@FredZeppelin12) May 02, 2014 Rep. Trey Gowdy will reportedly head up a House special select committee on Benghazi. That news comes the same day that Rep. Darrell Issa, head of the House […]


John Kerry’s jet can’t handle any more eco-hypocrisy; Goes green

,!/kesgardner/status/499969602835578880 Burning tons of fuel to attend a conference on man-made climate change might even be too much hypocrisy for the plane that carries Secretary of State John Kerry, because the jet “went green” today. And by “went green” we mean “broke down”:!/pettybooshwah/status/500003613129719809 Dawn. Hickam Field, #Hawaii. Beautiful. But it won't fly. #SecKerry heading […]


‘Amen!’ James Woods shares photo that will ‘forever represent the disaster that was Obama’

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The White House has said Obama will spend 2016 sealing his foreign policy legacy, but according to James Woods, it’s already sealed: This particular legacy won’t be bragged about at Obama’s presidential library.


Six Secretaries of State break ground for ‘Diplomacy Center’ [pics]

, , ,!/DiplomacyCenter/status/507202711478353920 Luckily things on the foreign policy front are pretty quiet these days, giving the State Department a chance to break ground on an unnecessary museum about themselves.!/JohnKerry/status/507274962261250048 That is probably the only known photograph of John Kerry holding a shovel. A State Department news release describes what The Diplomacy Center is: The USDC (, […]


Andrew McCarthy wonders what other realities elude John Kerry

, , ,!/DaTechGuyblog/status/510142385322336256 As Twitchy reported earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN that the United States are not at war with ISIS whom the president has vowed to destroy and Joe Biden has promised to chase to the gates of Hell. ‘We are in big trouble’: John Kerry claims US not at ‘war’ with ISIS; […]


John Kerry and Ben Affleck meet; Observers try to figure out arm grab [GIF]

,!/BenReininga/status/438744211236847616 Actor Ben Affleck met with John Kerry and testified to Congress today about the Congo:!/JohnKerry/status/438748892700504064 During the meeting, Affleck reached towards Kerry in something resembling an attempted handshake or arm grab:!/Chris_Moody/status/438737641953980417 Awwk-ward.!/purcellkris/status/438738593922576384!/jessieopie/status/438739130692804608 Judging from video, Affleck was trying to feel John Kerry’s arm during a discussion about training for his […]


Matt Yglesias flogged with his own seven month old buffoonery

, , , ,!/mattyglesias/status/404454885359636481 HAHAHAHAHAHA.!/JimCoopr/status/490973001152602114!/SKHigginbotham/status/491011423007285248!/knownasbgates/status/491017906462162944 Heh *** Related Twitchy coverage of Matt Yglesias


‘I’m sure Putin just wet himself’: John Kerry takes to Twitter, boldly says nothing

, , , , ,!/AaronWorthing/status/440180462485774336 We’ve already seen what might be John Kerry’s most ludicrous remark about Russia yet. Earlier today, he made more of his thoughts known on Twitter, which is always dangerous.!/JohnKerry/status/440147506941292544!/JohnKerry/status/440151727044431872!/JohnKerry/status/440160668616900608 How inspiring.!/PolitiBunny/status/440150588198645761!/ThePantau/status/440147244499468289 Not at all. Related: ‘Only game Obama knows’: Rep. says ‘we’re playing marbles’ while ‘Putin is playing chess’ […]


‘Pompous fool’: Guess what John Kerry says has ‘shocked’ world leaders (hint: not terrorist attacks)

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After hundreds of innocent people are murdered by Islamists, [email protected] says "world leaders" embarrassed by GOP candidates reactions. — The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) March 28, 2016 // We can always count on John Kerry to stay focused on the real problems in the world, as he demonstrated yesterday: Kerry: World leaders "shocked" by rhetoric of […]


Hey, John Kerry, what’s the ‘rationale’ behind stabbing of French Jewish teacher?

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Here’s today’s “digestif”: Boy, we can’t wait to hear how John Kerry will explain this one. Yep. Let’s just say we wouldn’t put it past Kerry to confer “legitimacy” on this.