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Democrats Want Time Limit On War Against ISIS

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“There is no doubt that our current offensive amounts to war, and Congress should take action both to authorize its prosecution and to set limits on that authorization,” Rep. Adam Schiff tells BuzzFeed News. View this image › Iraqi Sunni fighters north of Baghdad. Ahmad al-Rubye / Getty Images WASHINGTON — House Intelligence Committee Ranking […]


Obama: Boehner will ‘sue me for doing my job’; Urged to check news reports

,!/winstoncoolidge/status/482575338338537473 In Minnesota today, President Obama complained of John Boehner’s declared intention to initiate a lawsuit against him for his use of certain executive actions:!/redsteeze/status/482548154739347456 Well, technically…!/ZoomZanne/status/482548893083635712 Obama has also called the possible Boehner lawsuit a “stunt.” Obama is aware of this, isn’t he?!/allahpundit/status/482575089469120512 The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that not everything […]


Allahpundit imagines who could best handle reported scene in GOP cloakroom

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The Republican leadership vacuum in the House has emotions running high, at least according to Rep. Peter King: Is that really the scene? This could be easily rectified: Just picturing it is hilarious!


Boehner, Cantor staffers debate Jay Carney and Dan Pfeiffer on minimum wage

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Check out the Twitter war among @PressSec @BrendanBuck and @pfeiffer44 re. minimum wage. — Angela GreilingKeane (@agreilingkeane) March 19, 2014 There was a debate this afternoon on Twitter involving Jay Carney and Dan Pfeiffer pushing the White House line on the minimum wage against Rory Cooper and Brendan Buck, staffers for Reps. Eric Cantor and […]