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Joe Scarborough’s new music video gives him and Mika a turn to sit and stare vacantly at crap

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We bet they’re pretty strict over at MSNBC with employee use of the copier and other electronics; it doesn’t look like any of the interns would let “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough sneak in after hours to shoot and edit the video for his new song, “Mystified.” Joe Scarborough releases music video that is scathing […]


‘BAM!’: Andy Levy levels Joe Scarborough with a hypocrisy truth-bomb


Here’s Joe Scarborough calling out Kellyanne Conway for saying to CNN’s Brian Stelter that independent counsel Robert Mueller as a conflict because he hired a bunch of “Democratic donors” to aid in the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election: Seriously? The President and the WH Comms Director gave cash to Clinton, Obama, Schumer, […]


Joe Scarborough tells Sarah Palin she should go back to Alaska

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had some advice for Sarah Palin this morning, telling her to go back to Alaska to be with her son who she said yesterday was suffering from PTSD. He also accused the former governor of exploiting Trump for money. Scarborough said, “Well, I think actually the Trump campaign needs to send […]