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Joan Walsh’s praise for Mary Landrieu’s southern voter ‘truth’ backfires

, , , ,!/StarCoreOne02/status/528218462519562240 In an interview with NBC News, incumbent Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu was asked why President Obama is having a hard time in the state. Landrieu answered this way: “I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president […]


Predictable: Joan Walsh blames Right’s ‘anti-government mania’ for Ebola

, , ,!/TroyDean5/status/521687341807972355 Joan Walsh is trying to blame Republicans for Ebola…. Wtf? — Connor (@cread15) October 13, 2014 The NIH director has blamed budget cuts for the lack of an Ebola vaccine, and Donna Brazile has blamed the GOP for Ebola. Not to be outdone, Salon’s Joan Walsh blames the Right and smaller government conservatives for […]


‘Second-hand racism’? Joan Walsh encouraged to keep speculating why Hillary isn’t winning

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Joan Walsh, MSNBC contributor and writer for “The Nation,” is wondering why Hillary Clinton isn’t doing much better than she is early in the primary season. Could it be… That excuse might be preferable to the alternative: Oh heavens no! And maybe a little “sexist” thrown in for good measure. Go figure!


‘Calm down, America’: Joan Walsh assures us we’re no less safe than before 9/11

, , ,!/jgagnone/status/509745275460935681 A lot of us are understandably concerned about the threats posed by ISIS and other terrorist fanatics. But Joan Walsh thinks we’re just victims of “hype and fear”:!/joanwalsh/status/509744459928453120 Here’s more of her trademark of common sense: Both the CNN and NBC polls indicate that the single biggest factor behind the surge of fear […]