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Brutal! James Woods thinks Obama is ‘Mt. Rushmore level’ and we agree [pic]

, , , ,!/randybruin8/status/503518875716030464 He really is. Actor James Woods took to Twitter for some more truth-telling.!/RealJamesWoods/status/503518541522685952 Bada-zing!!/JoeDean53/status/503519249999347712 Fox News’ Brit Hume recently saw a similar bright side to Obama’s laser-like focus on teeing off. Woods wasn’t quite finished yet, though.!/RealJamesWoods/status/503526299265429505 Ouch! We agree too. Fellow actor and truth teller Adam Baldwin brought it home […]


‘Amen!’ James Woods’ tribute, reminder on Mother’s Day touches hearts [photo]

, ,!/nell_hunt/status/465503560525164544 Actor James Woods offered up some moving truth on Mother’s Day.!/RealJamesWoods/status/465501407286550528 Amen, Mr. Woods. He also had this touching photo-tribute to his beloved mother.!/RealJamesWoods/status/465503548612947971 It got awfully dusty in here, didn’t it?!/AndersonEd27/status/465501642859634689!/AUepp86/status/465502336941441024 A heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” to all moms, here with us and not.!/l0velychantal/status/465483809484701696!/CompaqSstring3/status/465517336187785216!/DavidCoffin2/status/465502987323183105!/robertgoldfarb/status/465502278720688128 Twitchy […]


James Woods taunts Hillary over ‘Stick it to Trump’ sticker


Hey, y’all! Hillary Clinton has a new bumper sticker for sale so her supporters can “Stick it to Trump.” That sounds dirty, right? Twitchy favorite James Wood has the perfect comeback for the pro-love Hillary Clinton: Boom. And it is an image that’s ripe for photoshopping; Like this: Heckuva job, Hillary.


‘It’s a given’: James Woods reminds ‘whoever debates Clinton’ of challenge ahead

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Eventually the Republicans will settle on one candidate to square off against the Democrat nominee, which presumably (at this point anyway) will be Hillary Clinton. James Woods reminds an eventual Republican nominee that he or she will be facing multiple opponents in any debate: Something the GOP field was again reminded about last night.


‘Pathetic!’ Hey, media lickspittles: You won’t like this truth-boom question from James Woods, but we LOVE it

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Yep. Actor James Woods called out the lapdog media once again on Twitter this morning. Take a gander and get ready to fist pump: Dead-on. Here is just ONE simple question for you, lapdogs: Exactly! This Twitter user has the answer: Pathetic, indeed. It’s OK. New media will continue to do the job that the […]


Thugs! James Woods has had it; Doesn’t mince words on Rick Perry indictment

, , , , ,!/RealJamesWoods/status/501187454825934849 As always, actor James Woods tells it like it is. Woods took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the ludicrous, politically motivated Rick Perry indictment.!/RealJamesWoods/status/501352888665645056 Indeed. As Twitchy reported, even some liberals are being intellectually honest and decrying the indictment as “politics not felony” and “outrageously unfair.” Pigs flew by our window […]