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‘Kill urself … Zionist scum’: Sean Hannity’s Israel tweets greeted with hate

, , ,!/tnacgal/status/496307247710875648 As Twitchy reported, Sean Hannity has been sharing photos of his trip to Israel, where he’s meeting with IDF soldiers and learning more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Haters don’t care much for his efforts, and they’ve taken to Twitter to let him know:!/AddiChad/status/496315975999188993!/HugoKijne/status/496316831012229120!/sinhgohil/status/496311597845860352!/EBRecordings/status/496303082725457921!/EBRecordings/status/496308404454191104!/Jez_holt/status/496313044457492480!/AhmedAAlomari/status/496309232506241025!/markdaventry/status/496307999636721664!/MyersDar/status/496307343655964672!/Prince_Ababwa/status/496308962300411904!/QasimZayn/status/496312468151758848 Charming, […]


They Never Expected To Find This When They Cleaned Out Their Roomba

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Snakes, while logically not all that terrible, do have a bit of a reputation for getting into places where they don’t belong. Slipping effortlessly into the tight spaces that we can’t easily reach, these slithery critters are excellent when it comes to evading us. Don’t believe me? Check out where this snake decided to hide. […]


‘Smartest thinkers, my ass’! Vox: ‘Israel doesn’t have to bomb’ schools hiding weapons

, ,!/FirstTeamTommy/status/489813348985630720 Vox is on a roll today:!/voxdotcom/status/489809278132563968 Can you guess who’s responsible for that brilliance? If you said Max Fisher, give yourselves a big hand! The JuiceVoxer never runs out of ways to paint Israel as evil.!/baseballcrank/status/489809503324360704!/Will_Antonin/status/489818195553824768 It really is a wonder.!/fredontwittur/status/489810978771464193!/samdgoldstein/status/489811661310545920!/AG_Conservative/status/489812510405431296!/jacktink/status/489813504388759552!/CajunConservatv/status/489821197786304512!/MmePB/status/489814231752007681 Vox has no shame. But […]


Jonathan Hoenig covers Chicago anti-Israel demonstration [photos, Vine]

,!/NathanWurtzel/status/493118837156749312 Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” panelist Jonathan Hoenig stepped into the middle of an anti-Israel protest in Chicago Saturday afternoon and got up close and personal with some of the protesters and their signs.!/JonathanHoenig/status/493118485967286272!/JonathanHoenig/status/493120513384775680!/JonathanHoenig/status/493121979223138304!/JonathanHoenig/status/493123277624061954!/JonathanHoenig/status/493125036425768960!/JonathanHoenig/status/493126421179428864!/JonathanHoenig/status/493128681691152385!/JonathanHoenig/status/493130582998925313!/JonathanHoenig/status/493132353472983040!/JonathanHoenig/status/493133433300733952!/JonathanHoenig/status/493134275118919680!/JonathanHoenig/status/493135584878026752!/JonathanHoenig/status/493136321511059456!/JonathanHoenig/status/493138239969308672!/JonathanHoenig/status/493139208249176064!/JonathanHoenig/status/493139849478938625!/JonathanHoenig/status/493142246137823232!/JonathanHoenig/status/493143473739272192!/JonathanHoenig/status/493147777350631424!/JonathanHoenig/status/493150087422304257!/JonathanHoenig/status/493150605964087296


‘Israel’s fault’? Where’s Glenn Greenwald going with this Ferguson tweet?

, ,!/kankokage/status/499925346872229888 We can always count on Glenn Greenwald to bring the stupid:!/eriContrarian/status/499923883101655040 Yeah, that kinda seems to be the point:!/tparsi/status/499917611715813376 There you have it. Puh-leeze. Greenwald and his fellow yutzes need to give it a rest, already.!/conkc2/status/499926949389946880 Fitch is not the police chief, either. He was retired as of February 1 of this […]


‘Look how deep Hamas tunnels dug’! Sean Hannity visits Israel [photos]

, ,!/Gavin_McInnes/status/496303983158624256 True. Story.!/seanhannity/status/496230937470853120!/seanhannity/status/496230050182594560 While he’s in Israel, Hannity is spending time with the IDF:!/seanhannity/status/496266450684743680!/seanhannity/status/496302519601999872!/seanhannity/status/496304154038398976 He’s even had a chance to see Hamas’ tunnels up close:!/seanhannity/status/496302942681436161!/seanhannity/status/496303053734047744!/seanhannity/status/496303735681720322 Eye-opening. Take note, media: This is how it’s done.!/exsacerdotal/status/496306215610515456 *** Update: ‘Kill urself … Zionist scum’: Sean Hannity’s Israel tweets greeted with hate *** Related: […]


Code Pink trades vagina costume for Bible to protest CUFI [photo]

, , , , ,!/jacobkornbluh/status/491397568790675456 Christians United for Israel held an event in Washington, D.C., Monday night, and of course Code Pink was there to protest, having traded in their vagina costumes for Bible costumes.!/codepink/status/491230253633638400 Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, addressed both the audience and a protester.!/jacobkornbluh/status/491399403391811584!/jacobkornbluh/status/491400074543382529  


‘Truth goes out the window’: LA Times’ ‘sick, twisted’ take on violence in Israel [screenshot] –

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Make room, Slate. You’ve got company: Hey, LA Times, you left something out: Great reporting there, L.A. Times. Not to mention disgusting. Shame on you, L.A. Times.


Netanyahu To Congress: Deal With Iran All But Guarantees They’ll Get Nuclear Weapons

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress Tuesday in defiance of the White House, as tensions between the U.S. and Israel escalate over a possible nuclear deal with Iran. President Obama later said the speech didn’t “offer any viable alternatives.” View this image › Mandel Ngan / Getty Images Israeli Prime […]


Netanyahu’s Speech Through The Eyes Of Iranian-Israelis

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In a popular Persian food restaurant in Tel Aviv, Iranian-Israelis wonder if Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress can stop the threat of a nuclear Iran. View this image › Israelis watch Netanyahu’s speech to Congress being broadcast Tuesday. Amir Cohen / Reuters TEL AVIV — Moluk Hanasab paused briefly from stuffing zucchinis when Israeli Prime […]