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Brutal! James Woods thinks Obama is ‘Mt. Rushmore level’ and we agree [pic]

, , , ,!/randybruin8/status/503518875716030464 He really is. Actor James Woods took to Twitter for some more truth-telling.!/RealJamesWoods/status/503518541522685952 Bada-zing!!/JoeDean53/status/503519249999347712 Fox News’ Brit Hume recently saw a similar bright side to Obama’s laser-like focus on teeing off. Woods wasn’t quite finished yet, though.!/RealJamesWoods/status/503526299265429505 Ouch! We agree too. Fellow actor and truth teller Adam Baldwin brought it home […]


Did OFA delete tweets about Romney & Iraq? No. Use this trick to find them

, , , , ,!/KevinWGlass/status/337987430806327297 We sure do! Attaaaaack Waaaaaaatch!!/AttackWatch/status/113738429866573824 Before it evolved into @OFATruthTeam, the Obama campaign’s #AttackWatch account was @TruthTeam2012. On Thursday night, some Twitter users thought the TruthTeam’s pitiful 2012 tweets about Mitt Romney’s position on Iraq had taken a trip down the memory hole. Those tweets weren’t deleted, but because OFA changed the handle from @TruthTeam2012 to @OFATruthTeam in […]


New York Times report on chemical weapons in Iraq rekindles debate over WMDs

, , , , , , , , , ,!/exjon/status/522205969108197377 The New York Times’ tweet Tuesday night claiming that U.S. troops found thousands of chemical weapons during the Iraq War already has conservatives and liberals re-fighting that conflict on Twitter. During the Iraq War, U.S. troops found thousands of chemical weapons. The war's untold story: — The New York Times (@nytimes) October 15, […]


‘Brutal’: Megyn Kelly ‘shreds’ Jen Psaki on Iraq SOFA [video]

, , , , ,!/EwingNielsC/status/517856160263991296 Things didn’t go Jen Psaki’s way tonight. She was a guest on The Kelly File to defend the administration’s failed policies in Iraq. She found herself not only arguing against Megyn Kelly but also President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. MUST SEE: Megyn Kelly SHREDS Jen Psaki over Obama not leaving troops […]


‘You bastard’: Choudary’s propaganda provokes angry responses

, , , , ,!/shearhell/status/517742189842300929 How dare anyone ask such a question. That’s so islamaphobic. Radical Islamic nut job Anjem Choudary got an earful today after spreading his propaganda on Twitter. The murder of women & children by the US/UK has started once again in Iraq, Muslims have stated counting dead babies! — Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) October 2, […]


‘Ahem … Iraq?’ Nah. @StateDept is ‘focused like a laser beam on fish’

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@StateDept Russia is annexing Ukraine. Radical Islamists are taking Iraq. Iran wants nukes. And you're focused like a laser beam on fish. — Razor (@hale_razor) June 12, 2014 Earlier this week, the State Department tweeted that it “stands with the people of Iraq.”!/StateDept/status/476402767938871297 But enough about the sickening and dire situation over there. Let’s talk […]


He Was Deployed For The Holidays, So They Got Creative With Their Christmas Card

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It can be incredibly difficult to be away from family during the holidays. No one knows this as much as military families. Not only do our service members put their lives on the line for our freedom, but they also may be deployed during special occasions, birthdays, and even holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sergeant […]


‘George Bush will sleep well tonight’: Lefties blame Fort Hood shooting on Iraq War

, , ,!/repub9989/status/451696042627854337 It was sadly inevitable:!/fredforyourhead/status/451727421083897857!/theonlyadult/status/451578505558372352!/digthizzz/status/451701464142843904!/ChicoDelainky/status/451712311414501376 *** Related: Reports of ‘active shooter’ at Fort Hood; Multiple injuries possible; Update: Multiple fatalities, injuries ‘Oh the irony’: Tweeter on lockdown at Fort Hood frustrated ‘soldiers unable to defend themselves’ ‘Not just insane, but flat-out evil’: Pat Dollard blasted for ignorant comment after Fort Hood shooting Disgusting: […]


Dana Perino notes a ‘heckuva correction’ regarding Bush’s Iraq war coalition

, , , , , , , , , ,!/dzielinski/status/514486123285209088 The myth that President Bush “went it alone” against Iraq refuses to die. It took the New York Times 12 days to issue a correction to its Sept. 11 claim that “Unlike Mr. Bush in the Iraq war, Mr. Obama has sought to surround the United States with partners.” Dana Perino provided a shot […]