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These Are Some Of The Best Phone Apps That You Probably Aren’t Using.

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All of us are basically glued to our phones for 95% of the day. There are many reasons why we can’t peel our eyes away from those bright little screens. Maybe we are staying on top of work, keeping in touch with loved ones or just checking for updates and the latest apps.  If you’re interested […]


Doh! First buyer of iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia drops it on live TV

, , ,!/haleyxobabe/status/513028390509506561 Hilarious: I'm hovering between believing there's a God and believing if there was a God, the phone would've shattered (via @av) — Tom Gara (@tomgara) September 19, 2014 Video here: ( function() { var func = function() { var iframe_form = document.getElementById(‘wpcom-iframe-form-99c3f41e348234ee292ceff1d64143c3-541c8b4013c21’); var iframe = document.getElementById(‘wpcom-iframe-99c3f41e348234ee292ceff1d64143c3-541c8b4013c21’); if ( iframe_form && iframe ) { […]


#Bendgate? Skinny hipster jeans alleged to bend new iPhone 6 Plus

,!/JoshDenny/status/514571189939757057 Of the hundred zillion people who lined up to purchase an iPhone 6 on Day 1, we wonder how many have experienced what some are calling #Bendgate? Word on Twitter is that the new aluminum phone can be easily bent by hand, or if carried in a tight pants pocket. #bendgate really dig the […]


Upgrades We Wish The iPhone 6 Came With, But Didn’t. SIGH.

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The newest iPhone was unveiled a few days ago and the Internet was buzzing about all the new features it has. A bigger screen, better resolution, and faster Internet speeds are great and all, but I was expecting a little bit more from the cell phone giant. Considering Apple has more operating money than the U.S. Treasury, I […]


‘Jokes just write themselves!’ Hey, Trump, you SURE you want to boycott Apple? [pics]

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Remember those #OccupyWallStreet doofusesusing their Apple products to rail against corporations? Well, Donald Trump is calling for an Apple boycott: Here’s the thing, though: He’s actually tweeting quite a bit from his iPhone: D’oh! Seems like a fair question. Oh, and then there’s this: And this: Oh man. Editor’s note: This post has been updated […]


This Is Why You Absolutely Should Not Taunt Snakes, Lady

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In a world full of bad ideas, the one this woman had might just be the worst. People love to put their cameras in everybody’s faces these days and no one’s off limits — not man, fish, or fowl. And judging by this ridiculous footage, the same applies to snakes. When this woman was hanging […]


This French Photographer Blends Movies And Real Life Together Pixel Perfectly.

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You know the feeling when you’re watching a movie and you desperately wish you could jump through the screen and join in the fun? Well, while we wait on scientists to make that a thing (c’mon already, scientists!), French photographer François Dourlen uses his iPhone to do the opposite: blending movies into our real world. Dourlen […]


He Gave His 84 Year Old Grandma An iPad. When He Returned 30 Minutes Later, She Had Done THIS.

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When a user on Reddit decided to surprise his grandma with a new iPad, this is probably the last thing he expected to happen. Here’s what he said: Bought my Grandma an iPad. She’s 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for “art.” I bought ArtRage for her and left her alone with […]