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This New Product Allows You To Bathe Without Using Any Water. Count Me In!

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CNN Ludwick Marishane shouldn’t expect a thank you from lazy people everywhere, but that’s not because he doesn’t deserve one. Six years ago, when he was only 17-years-old, he invented a product that allows people to clean themselves without having to turn on the shower or draw a bath: DryBath. Listen up, college students. CNN If […]


This Awesome Vending Machine Doesn’t Dispense Food — But Short Stories

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Have you ever found yourself needing to distract yourself while waiting for a train, an appointment, or a friend? Nowadays, most people rely on their smartphones or tablets to cure impatient boredom. Gone are the days of carrying around a good book. People often play games or surf the Internet while trying to kill time…but […]


‘Clock Kid’ named one of 2015’s most influential teens

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There’s a simpleirony to the fact that of all magazines, TIME has selected the “inventor” of a digitalclock as one of the most influential teens of 2015. Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed, by the way, made his clockfit inside a pencil case where one couldn’t seethe readoutanyway, making it as informativeas the latest issue of TIME. […]