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This Video Of A Teenage Grave Robber Talking About His Work Is So Unsettling

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It’s no secret that teenagers can be an odd bunch. And I’m not one to talk, since I had some questionable hobbies as a teen (I was a sucker for “Magic: The Gathering,” so there’s that). But some adolescents, and we’re really only talking about a handful here, do some disturbing things in their spare […]


When Digging In Their Garden, They Found Something That Sent Chills Down Their Spines

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It’s never fun to have construction done on your house… Workmen are tromping around, loud noises are expected, and something always makes the job last longer than it should. Like, say…human remains. While that might be a little bit of a reach for most home improvement projects, that’s just what happened to one Australian family. […]