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Shoppers gone wild: Fights at Walmart, Best Buy and malls [photos, video]

, , , , , ,!/peacelovez/status/406283620064571392 And … they’re off! Black Friday got off to an early start. Mix long lines, hangovers, holiday tension, discounted electronics, and what does that spell? Like Taylor Swift warbled: Trouble, trouble, trouble.!/nataliasv_/status/406290398722551808!/beautybysiena/status/406278908644827136!/mtracey/status/406287881976557569!/MattHaze/status/406288253466468352!/blaynesmiles/status/406212628906647552 It’s not just at Walmart.!/Will_Braley/status/406231821773332480!/TreBornALegend/status/406292138251415552!/masonkauffeld6/status/406242234955091968!/stacysouthardd/status/406291827751268352 More people who didn’t take a chill pill […]


‘Now that’s scary’! Jasper Perino gets Halloween makeover [Photoshop]

, , , , ,!/cjh1955/status/527926020150542336 Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV … #TheFive @DanaPerino Scary Halloween costume for Jasper — FiveFanPhotoshops (@FiveFanPS) October 30, 2014 // Woof. @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS poor Jasper…dressed as Bob! — am (@am77933250) October 30, 2014 // Thank goodness it’s only a Photoshop. But still. It’s frightening. @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS […]


Families discuss Obamacare at Christmas, unify against it

, , , , ,!/methuselaschild/status/415932390515568640 Meddling First Lady Michelle Obama urged Americans to discuss Obamacare at the Christmas dinner table. Families took her up on the invitation. Ready for some of the results, FLOTUS? No holiday “treats” here.!/jodikyman/status/415242603081129986!/AllenKlump/status/415644787748765696!/StuckySkills/status/415689991809806336!/Zachhwooten/status/415677562455482368!/hoedeehoe/status/415895956903575552!/notstevenwhite/status/415865520173617152!/Kozmocostello/status/415872944221343744 Unity brought to you by the Obamas, at last!!/CalkinsMark/status/415902615185391616!/weshouldallcare/status/415679422553800704 Enlightenment: One of […]


‘5 million women just melted’ over John Stamos’ Halloween costume [photo]

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[email protected] I think you can pull this one off… — Jayme Keally (@jaymekeally) October 30, 2014 We’ll say he can! But see for yourselves: My Halloween costume this year. #lazycostume — John Stamos (@JohnStamos) October 30, 2014 Everywhere you look … the ladies are swooning: @JohnStamos #Long Live #Uncle Jesse — Cheryl Jackson (@RangerSweetie29) October […]