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When You Have A Kid, You’ll Deal With Their Highs, Lows, And Brutal Honesty.

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We already established that kids are brutally honest and always going for the jugular. This kind of candor is funny for everyone… except for the parent who has to live in the same house as the little monster. As part of the promotion for her book, How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane and Other Lessons […]


When These People Had A Dance-Off, There Was A Very Clear (And Very Small) Winner

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When this little guy hit the floor recently, he gave practiced dancers a run for their money. And the whole scene was adorable, obviously. He laid down the slay at the Festival Rumbateate in Camaguey, Cuba, giving everyone in the crowd their full life in the process. This little dude has some serious moves, and […]


This Kid Just Won The Internet With The Best Graduation Speech Of All Time

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While college graduation speeches have a bit of a reputation for being cool (like, Lin-Manuel Miranda cool), middle school and high school grad speeches are usually snoozefests. Teens are just awkward. It’s a fact of life, and my old Myspace account is proof positive. Forcing them to stand at podiums in front of their families, […]


What Happened When This Girl Shot A Straw Wrapper At Her Brother Is Too Perfect

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Sibling rivalries are nothing new. It seems like kids always want to pick on each other when they’re little, and most will go to elaborate lengths to do so. While the big fights tend to leave lasting impressions, the little digs add up over time. Just look at what this girl did to her brother, […]