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You Won’t Believe What This Artist Can Do With A Pair Of Scissors And An Hour. Mind BLOWN.

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San Antonio based barber Rob the Original may only cut hair. But he’s a true artist. He’ll sculpt your hair in ways you didn’t know possible, and leave you the envy of every fan in the stadium. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! (H/T: Elite Daily) Supercuts ain’t got nothing on Rob. If you want […]


You Can’t See The Weirdest Thing About This Bizarre Hair Until The Lights Are Off

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As someone who tries (and usually fails) to keep up with the latest hair and makeup trends, I know how tirelessly cosmetics companies work to consistently up the ante. While crazy-colored hair was once reserved for Lady Gaga and mall goths, beauty gurus the world over adopted the trend last year, channelling their inner mermaids […]