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‘Regret this tweet yet?’ Cosmo: Buying guns should be ‘just as difficult’ as getting an abortion

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Stuffed-uterus-loving Democratic Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newmanhas penned an op-ed for Cosmo, which the mag was only too happy to share with us: Sounds profound, right? Wait until you actually read it: Earlier this month, I pre-filed a billin the Missouri House, where I am a representative, which would require those buying a gun to […]


Matt Drudge warns of what Obama will ‘focus’ on during last year in office

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There are plenty of real threats that face this country — ISIS, exploding debt, the many who don’t have jobs…etc. However, President Obama sees those who oppose him politically as the biggest threat.So instead of focusing on the actualthreats, he will work to take away more freedom from law-abiding citizens in 2016. His first action […]


13 Weapons That Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Banned From Use

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War is a truly terrible thing, but at least we can all agree these 13 weapons shouldn’t be allowed to make it worse. Although battles themselves are nothing new, as technology advances, humans come up with new (and totally horrific) weapons that ultimately go on to cause people around the world so much pain. Some […]


New York Daily News shames members of pro-death party

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We’re not sure why the New York Daily News insists on tweeting previews of the next day’s front page, unless the idea is to send people on a desperate search for a paper copy in the morning to make sureit wasn’t some awful dream. Knowing that reporters from the Boston Globe volunteered to deliver the […]


Obama to hold town hall on guns with Kathy Griffin sidekick


The White House announced this morning that President Obama will sit down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday for a one-hour long town hall event to discuss “reducing gun violence in America.” This is the same Anderson Cooper who was just spray-tanned by Kathy Griffin during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage: Gravitas. It’s weird that […]


Oregon crowd to Obama: ‘Go Home’

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President Obama is in Roseburg, Oregon this afternoon to meet with survivors of this week’s mass-shooting at Umpqua Community College, but not everyone is happy to see him. Here are a few of the signs as well pics of the armed open-carry advocates who greeted the president upon his arrival: And after the president is […]


‘Now that’s #gunsense’! Dana Loesch won’t let Shannon Watts ruin National Pumpkin Day [photo]

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We couldn’t make this up if we tried. Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America, doesn’t just want to take your guns away; she wants to take your fun away, too: You know what’s really scary, Shannon? That there are people out there like you who subscribe to this gun-grabbinggarbage and […]