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Obama and Putin have 6th phone call since start of Ukraine crisis

, , , , , , ,!/NoahWehrman/status/455851917940629504 President Obama and Vladimir Putin had another phone call today in regards to the situation in Ukraine. CBS News’ Mark Knoller has the details:!/markknoller/status/455851512275935232!/markknoller/status/455851999905710080!/markknoller/status/455853392624369664 Obama and Putin have spoken by phone a reported half dozen times since the start of the Ukraine crisis:!/markknoller/status/455853830992044034 With that out of the way…!/GlennCarswell/status/455852614966460416 […]


Laura Ingraham sees ‘#ModerateFlop’ in Jerry Brown’s GOP opponent

, , , , ,!/Ronin4Hire/status/514631615356862464 California Governor Jerry Brown so far doesn’t appear to be facing a tight re-election battle against Republican Neel Kashkari: CA Republican Neel Kashkari, who boasts being socially liberal, trails Gov. Jerry Brown by 21pts. #ModerateFlop — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 24, 2014 The “moderate” Republican candidate trails Gov. Jerry Brown big time: Democratic […]


Rep. Jared Polis uses Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision

, , , ,!/jaredpolis/status/483656976946061312 Um, what? @jaredpolis there are only three female justices…. — Mike (@stumbalinaa) June 30, 2014 @jaredpolis There are 3 female justices. Breyer dissented too. — Angel Rossi (@AngellRossi) June 30, 2014 Also, nobody really voted “to deny contraception.” Hobby Lobby employees are still able to purchase all forms of legal birth control, including abortifacients, on their own. Of course, […]


Notice something fishy about Obama’s vow to look into VA scandal?

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Barack Obama is right now trying to make sure that people forget that a fish rots from the head. — Moe Lane (@moelane) May 21, 2014 Rest assured, everyone. Not only is Barack Obama “mad as hell” about the horrific treatment of veterans at VAs, but during today’s presser, he said that the buck stops […]


Darrell Issa blasts Obama admin after discovering ‘HHS exec destroyed emails’

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News that HHS exec destroyed emails relevant to a congressional investigation means Obama Admin has lost/destroyed emails for >20 witnesses — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) August 7, 2014 Another day, another batch of “missing” emails, according to House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa. This time the problem is with the Department of Health & Human Services and […]


Not sexy: Federal government spent your money to study bodice-rippers

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The Federal government spent $1 million on researching romance novels in 2013 #Wastebook2013 — Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) December 17, 2013 Be still, the government’s checkbook! Sen. Tom Coburn has released his annual Wastebook highlighting the government’s worst spending sins. And it looks like Uncle Sam’s been particularly naughty this year: If you love Fabio, thank […]