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Google search fail sparks hilarious ‘David Frum Searches the Interweb’ mockery

, ,!/choosingfreedom/status/429400715791183872 As we posted earlier, David Frum’s method for Google searching how many Fox News personalities they had let go for “offensive” comments left something to be desired. Twitter user @ChoosingFreedom has really been cracking us up with the Frum-style searches using the hashtag #DavidFrumSearchesTheInterweb:!/choosingfreedom/status/429402777245081601!/choosingfreedom/status/429405285426290688!/choosingfreedom/status/429406532107636736!/choosingfreedom/status/429408400699441152 Aching sides! It’s unfortunate, but for […]


9 Of The Weirdest Google Searches About Scientists

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Apparently, there’s a war in the science community. 1. Well, we’re off to a bad start. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › ASU / Via 2. Biologists are kind of stupid, obviously. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › BBC / […]


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Father’s day is about universal pre-school

, ,!/Jjc1Jerry/status/478292274585931776 Is it ever NOT about politics for The Left? Publisher of “The Nation” Katrina vanden Heuvel somehow twists Father’s Day into a plug for universal Pre-K and burdening small businesses with a paid sick leave mandate.!/KatrinaNation/status/478288141833355264 Sigh. Really?!/dovesfall/status/478289097044140032 Please. Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this post, Katrina vanden Heuvel’s name was […]


These Little Known, But Crazy, Google Facts Prove They’re Going To Take Over The World.

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Google is now one of the most powerful, influential and far-reaching companies this country (maybe even this planet) has ever produced. We’ve already established that the multi-billion dollar company will be our supreme overlords, so we might as well learn something about them. Here are some crazy interesting facts about the company. Some of this is […]