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NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez takes the high road after Gawker scumbag gets nasty

, , ,!/DecentFilms/status/426725040847994880 Ain’t that the truth. Gawker editor John Cook, who’s already proven himself to be quite adept at being a douchebag, can now add “professional misogynist” to his CV. After learning that NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez was following him on Twitter, he reacted like the gentleman he is:!/johnjcook/status/426585670220787712 Class-say.!/MZHemingway/status/426586871482036224!/kerpen/status/426732918518468608!/fbeckwith/status/426735924160888833!/AG_Conservative/status/426593016732602368 That’s not […]


Former waitress donates Rush Limbaugh’s $2,000 tips to abortion fund

, , , , ,!/JayCaruso/status/514491570171936768 In the midst of yet another “fascist” campaign to silence broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, one woman is reportedly putting his money where her mouth is. The Dallas Morning News reports that Merritt Tierce, formerly a waitress at Nick & Sam’s, twice waited on Rush Limbaugh and friend Al Michaels. Both times Limbaugh left her $2,000 tips on modest-size checks, […]


Gawker’s ‘quiet car’ story on Chris Christie falls apart


Shocker. Turns out the Gawker storyfromearlier today reporting that Gov. Chris Christie was kicked out of the “quiet car” on an Amtrak train traveling from D.C. to New Jersey for “screaming” into his cellphone is totally bogus. Katie Klabusich, a liberal writer and radio host for @NetrootsRadio, is saysshe was sitting across from Christie when […]


Gawker writer: Climate-denying ‘malcontents’ should be arrested

, ,!/ThePantau/status/449632348813164545 In this crazy, chaotic world, it’s comforting to know that we can at least count on Gawker to keep us grounded in logic. We kid, of course:!/Neal_Dewing/status/449633975150346240 A little harsh (not to mention disturbing)? Yeah, maybe. But, well, it also happens to be kind of accurate:!/AdamWeinstein/status/449620737750335488 But let him be clear: He’s […]


The Messy Media Ethics Behind The Sony Hacks

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The gray area where the leaked information resides — between public and private, prurient and illuminating — might not be the exception, but the new normal. View this image › Sony / Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed In the past few days, I’ve seen the email addresses of dozens of stars. I’ve seen the Amazon order […]