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This College Student Did The Unthinkable When She Gave Birth In Her Dorm

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When 19-year-old Amber Fulton discovered that she was pregnant, fear overcame the Claflin college student and she made the decision to keep the pregnancy from her family and friends. Avoiding the issue at hand could only last so long, as Fulton had a child on the way. On Wednesday, October 9, the day Fulton had […]


He Tore Open A Moving Garbage Bag And What He Found Inside Broke His Heart

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We’ve all had upsetting days at the office, but this trash collector was totally floored by what he encountered one day. Just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trash collectors were busy tossing bags from the side of the street into the truck. They were doing the same thing they did every other day, so nothing seemed […]


What Was Found In The Stomach Of These Dead Baby Birds Made Me Feel Ashamed. Terrible.

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These grisly images were taken by photographer Chris Jordan on a remote cluster of islands called Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. As its name suggests, Midway Atoll is roughly midway between North America and Asia, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continental land. The waste of our mass consumption surfaces in an astonishing place on these […]