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Imagine Being Trapped In A Room And The Only Way Out Is By Using Clues. Well, This Is It.

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Imagine going out with your friends… and then getting trapped inside of a room. There are clues written all over the walls and scattered about the room. It’s not obvious what you’re supposed to do or how you’re supposed to get out. You’re trapped. You weren’t kidnapped. You’re playing one of the newest and coolest […]


Video Is Further Proof That Spending Money On Fancy Cat Toys Is Totally Pointless

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Growing up, my favorite arcade game was always whack-a-mole. With the taunting creature popping up when you least expect it, the classic game is both a test of your reflexes and an excellent stress reliever. Recently, one Belgian man proved that the game isn’t just for humans anymore. After cutting holes into a cardboard box, […]