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Don’t forget to give thanks to our troops on Thanksgiving [photos]

, , ,!/GageKunk18/status/405841606793654272 When being thankful for all the blessings God has given you this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give a few words of gratitude for those who protect our freedoms, and often can’t come home for the holidays because of it.!/jackieeponce/status/405965619251523584!/TadlockKyle/status/405950274243555328!/TXRangersBabe89/status/405940330664833024!/artilleryanon/status/405907851094552576!/Pedlar7/status/404915857635033088!/Kitty2mic/status/405889369363345408!/BlackIrishI/status/405777861769830401 Officially Thanksgiving in Afghanistan. When being thankful, please […]