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Rocket attack near U.S. embassy in Yemen; No U.S. injuries reported

, , , , ,!/ImadMesdoua/status/515971281398034432 A rocket was fired at the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen earlier today, and thankfully, no U.S. personnel were injured: Rocket fired at Yemeni special police guarding U.S. embassy in Sanaa: police — Reuters World (@ReutersWorld) September 27, 2014 Huge mystery as a "decimated", "on the run" Al Qaeda manages to fire rocket […]


President Stompy Foot sneers at Ed Henry, Fox News from Philippines

, , , ,!/felipesalvosa/status/460693226383368193 What rattled President Obama? Well, this happened during a news conference in the Philippines:!/miguelparana/status/460692888054018048!/rockomajor/status/460696873989189632 Yep. As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Ed Henry asked President Obama about the Obama Doctrine. The president does not appear to know what that is. It’s too time-consuming to even try to explain it, you see. Or something. […]


Fox News reporter gives eyewitness account of Gianforte body slam; Libertarians see an opening

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Here’s something you don’t see every day, or ever for that matter: reporters are citing a story posted on the Fox News website, and they’re not even calling it “Faux News” out of habit. Kudos to Fox News for rushing the story of @GregForMontana's crime onto the web and telling what they saw. — […]


It’s a boy! FNC’s Jenna Lee gives birth to beautiful baby Brian [photo, video]

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@FoxNews @Jennafnc Congrats to Jenna Lee warm welcome to the newbie — DR. JERRY-THE FIRST (@hoijerrydfirst) September 03, 2014 Today’s a very special day for Jenna Lee and her husband, Leif Babin:!/FoxNews/status/507229643985141760 Congratulations are pouring in from her Fox News colleagues:!/BretBaier/status/507227331270672384!/JaniceDean/status/507237518631510016!/JedediahBila/status/507238948352294913 Yeah he is!!/AnnaDsays/status/507238326932238336!/yostja/status/507237200002838528!/David_in_Dallas/status/507234034196676608!/mlclaxton46/status/507233377855238144!/GabeSantiago1/status/507238440531144704!/murbee65/status/507240012908617730 Welcome […]


‘Super woman’: Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson aids woman with Heimlich maneuver

, , , , ,!/GretchenCarlson/status/502990178836049921 Hero? It looks that way. Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson assisted a woman with the Heimlich maneuver at JFK airport Friday.!/web61/status/502987236368195584!/k1zek/status/502987543303163904!/VinciMike/status/502988617275686913!/_daxbell/status/502997023642374145!/GretchenCarlson/status/502993664076185600


Fox News hosts pro-Trump? Jonah Goldberg names names

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Seeing asNational Review recently publisheda special“Against Trump” issue compiling essays by a long list of conservatives opposing the nomination of Donald Trump, it’s no surprise that National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg has his eye out for right-wingers who are, if not actively supporting Trump, not joining the movement against him. One place he’s finding these […]


‘Get help, freak’: Author Jeff Pearlman fights ‘objectification’ by saying FNC women dress ‘as hookers’

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What did best-selling author Jeff Pearlman say that was so bad? Oh, just this: But he didn’t mean it. Honest! See? He’s actually defending female journalists from sexist boors! Isn’t he, though? OK, buddy. It really isn’t, Jeff. In fact, you’re making it worse. Hey, Jeff … you’re doing it wrong. Heh. We’d pay good […]


Fox News’ Ed Henry: ‘Lots of big stories today’ overlooked in exchange for cake

, , , , , ,!/cath4059/status/528285571073196032 As Twitchy reported earlier today, CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller suggested that the president bribed the Air Force One press pool with the lure of chocolate cake. On Air Force One, Pres Obama negotiates no press gaggle for @PressSec in exchange for "Death by Chocolate" Cake for press pool. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 31, […]