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‘Juice box’ might be low blow of Milwaukee undercard debate

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It’s obvious that the moderators of thepreviousGOP presidential debates wereanxious to set the candidates against each other in the hope for fireworks on stage. That strategy failed miserably at the CNBC debate, at which the candidates united against the moderators and refused to play their game. Tuesday night’s “undercard” debate on the Fox Business Channel […]


‘Lots of love for the welders’ at GOP presidential debate

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After seeing the behavior of the students (and certain faculty members) at the University of Missouri this week, it’s not surprising that college is becoming less attractive as a road to prosperity and more like a highway to ridiculous debt, both in terms of money and common sense. Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee […]


‘Damn perfectly stated!’ Kennedy defines ‘inequality’ as only she can

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In love with @KennedyNation and really enjoying @IndependentsFBN — Robb Wolf (@robbwolf) January 11, 2014 The ex-MTV VJ is continuing to bring it both on Fox Business and via Twitter. She recently scored with her definition of “inequality”: Inequality is a false notion propagated by those who are made to feel guilty for what they […]