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She Thought They Were Posing For A Family Photo, But Her Daughter Had A Surprise

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); I always told my parents that I wanted a baby brother or sister, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Looking back, it’s probably for the best that there isn’t a mini me running around. I joke that my parents stopped having kids because they achieved perfection the first time. With […]


This Aunt Found The Most Adorable Way To Adopt Her Nephew. OMG I Can’t Get Over It.

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Photographer Katie T. Parker recently welcomed a new member to her extended family and documented the whole happy occasion with her camera. The series, called “Blended,” highlights the happiness, exhaustion and love that were all part of the emotional process her family experienced in adopting her precious nephew, Sam. And this little dude was clearly born to be […]


89 Incredibly Wonderful Movies You Need To Watch With Your Kids

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Get some snacks and settle in for family movie night. View this image › BuzzFeed 1. Apollo 13 (1995) View this image › Imagine Entertainment Lift off. Rated: PG See where you can stream it here. 2. Now and Then (1995) View this image › New Line Cinema An A+ mother/daughter girl’s night option. Rated: […]


31 Reasons Our Siblings Drive Us Nuts, But We’d Be Lost Without Them — Happy Sibling Day!

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If you’re lucky enough to have a sibling, you know that it can feel like both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, they make you want to pull out your hair. And others? You are so grateful that they are in your life (even if you still think they are a little crazy). April 10 […]


This Mom Doesn’t Just Make Her Kids’ Lunch. She Makes Art.

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Ivan and Lucas Ming must be the two luckiest kids in all of Singapore. Every day their mother Li makes them wonderful, delicious meals that are arranged to look like their favorite animals and characters from popular culture. Bears, pigs, Yoda, Hello Kitty, they’re all there. If you’re a kid and you like something, Li Ming […]


Woman With Terminal Cancer Makes The Brave Decision To Give Birth And Fight Her Illness

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When 33-year-old Amanda Meyer found out she was pregnant in 2015, she couldn’t be happier. The Oklahoma City resident and her husband had been trying for three years to have a baby, so they were both ecstatic to discover that their family would soon grow. But just a month later, she was taken to the […]


She Thought She Was Just Going To Adopt A Kitten, But Got This Awesome Surprise

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One of my biggest weaknesses is adorable engagement videos. It takes me approximately five seconds of seeing how in love a couple is to start weeping. There are some that get me more teary than others, though. When Jerad Forsyth and his girlfriend Kat Woodley went to adopt a kitten from the Erie County SPCA, […]


What This The Best Dad Ever Does When ‘Let It Go’ Comes On The Radio Is Priceless. I Love It.

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An adorable family was taking a drive in their car when something magical and adorable happened. “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen came on the radio… and Billy couldn’t resist a chance to sing with his 3 year-old daughter, Blakely. At first, it was just a normal ride in the car… youtube Blakely’s mom, Britny, caught […]


These Kids Spent Months And Years Without Families. These Are Their Adoption Days

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The kids in the photos below spent days, months, and even years in foster care. Some weren’t sure if they would ever have a family. Then came the most spectacular event — their adoption day! On any given day in the United States, there are roughly 415,000 children in the foster care system. The majority […]