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15 Of The Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased. This Stuff Is Beyond Awesome

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From a diamond-studded watch containing 874 sparkling little gems to a yacht made from pure gold, these are 15 of the most expensive things ever sold. 1. Feather of a Huia bird – $10,000 webbs This is the most valuable feather in the world, since it once belonged to a Huia bird, which is now […]


This Halloween, For A Mere $2,000, You Can Scare Your Neighbors For Life.

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Innovation isn’t something companies tend to strive for when it comes to Halloween decorations. For the most part, Halloween decorations are the same as Christmas decorations, except with fake spider webs instead of tinsel. That is, until now.  Say hello to “The Chair Screamer.” Imgur This terrifying machine built by Poison Props is the ultimate Halloween decoration for […]


You Would Never, EVER Want To Shop At These Supermarkets. Wow.

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Nunavut is the northernmost Canadian territory and by far the worst one to buy groceries in. When a bag of chips will set you back just south of $10, odds are it’s going to cost a pretty penny to buy the makings for something that would even resemble a healthy meal for your family. Citizens […]