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Ravens claim ESPN article full of ‘numerous errors, inaccuracies’

, , , ,!/shalisemyoung/status/513132482095755264 The Baltimore Ravens organization says it will address next week a series of “numerous errors” in an article on the team’s handling of the Ray Rice situation. My latest for @ESPN (w/ @KVanValkenburg): The Ray Rice case: Purposeful misdirection by team, scant inquiry by NFL: — Don Van Natta Jr. (@DVNJr) September […]


WOOSH! EPSN’s Katie Nolan’s anti-Trump comments launch a #MAGA attack

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On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Katie Nolan appeared on the Desus & Mero talk show. During the interview, one of the hosts mentions that President Trump has a habit of putting thumbs up. “Well that’s because he’s a  f***,” Nolan said. Once she realized what she said, it became evident that she realized hse put her foot […]


Naked Prince Fielder photos? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, everyone’s clicking [pics]

, , , , ,!/_Maddss/status/486538744942837760 ESPN The Magazine’s “Body 2014″ issue includes naked photos of Venus Williams, Coco Ho, Jamie Anderson, Michael Phelps and Marshawn Lynch. But it was the magazine’s big reveal of everything under Prince Fielder’s Texas Rangers jersey that sparked a trending topic on Twitter this morning.!/BaseballBros/status/486504806962302976!/BecketAdams/status/486500555872026624 As always, OMG CONTROVERSY. Is it “too early for naked Prince Fielder” […]


Stephen A. Smith deletes tweets on abuse and ‘provoking the wrong actions’

, , , , , ,!/AntDeRosa/status/492763624612847616 Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended only two games by the NFL after surveillance video showed him dragging his then-fianceé’s unconscious body from an Atlantic City hotel elevator. This morning, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith enraged many — including ESPN’s Michelle Beadle — by advising women, “let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong […]


ESPN analyst notices an inconsistency in Sterling reaction

, , , ,!/ESPNRobertSmith/status/460496570400505856 ESPN college football analyst Robert Smith wonders why the outrage wasn’t the same when Harry Reid made racially insensitive remarks about President Obama.!/ESPNRobertSmith/status/460505626951417856


ESPN’s Michelle Beadle slammed following Stephen A. Smith’s suspension

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People are going to come at Michelle Beadle on social media today. She knows that. Her colleagues should too. — Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) July 29, 2014 As Twitchy reported today, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was suspended for a week following on-air comments about domestic violence and advising women not to “do anything to provoke wrong actions.” […]