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Imagine Being Trapped In A Room And The Only Way Out Is By Using Clues. Well, This Is It.

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Imagine going out with your friends… and then getting trapped inside of a room. There are clues written all over the walls and scattered about the room. It’s not obvious what you’re supposed to do or how you’re supposed to get out. You’re trapped. You weren’t kidnapped. You’re playing one of the newest and coolest […]


If You Ever Find Your Hands Duct Taped Together, Here’s How To Escape!

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Duct tape is an incredibly strong adhesive tape that has many purposes in life. It is said that duct tape can fix just about anything, and a lot of people take that to heart. They use it to patch just about any leak, any crack…they even use it as a bandage! However, some people use […]


A Microchip, Rescuers, And A Team Of Firefighters Brought This Heartbroken Dog Home

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Dog rescues always bring a tear to my eye, but this one is particularly special. Without the help of kind humans, the L.A. Fire Department, and a microchip, this injured mastiff would have likely died. Luckily, her story has a very different ending. The terrified pup was first spotted by a tourist Santa Monica, California. […]