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This Los Angeles Home Is Worth Half A Million Dollars, But Wait Until You See It

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Ever since the housing bubble burst in 2007, it’s been harder and harder to find good property in this country. One California home in particular throws all my previous knowledge of the real estate market out the window before promptly setting it on fire. Looking at the pictures included in this listing, one would assume […]


Phase 3: Profit! @BarackObama reveals sure-fire way to jump-start the economy

, , , ,!/JohnEkdahl/status/408346085925474306 Yay! Gather ’round, everyone, for The Lightbringer has decided to reveal the secret to a booming economy! Fortunately for us rubes, his OFA flunkies have summed it all up in one handy graphic:!/BarackObama/status/408337097859162112 It’s all so simple! Or … not:!/CAAmyO/status/408346517410291712 Confused? You’re not alone.!/SamValley/status/408353195862130689 Drugs are bad, mkay?!/CAAmyO/status/408353372807258114!/AndrewHClark/status/408353448925491200 Yeah […]