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Delicious liberal tears! This gun oil is ‘awesome’ [pics]

, , ,!/IloiloKano/status/416736410209488896 They really are quite yummy, as Martha Plimpton helped point out with her whining after A&E announced that Phil Robertson is back on “Duck Dynasty.” But, the tears aren’t just delicious! They are also useful:!/JesiMarsh/status/416326003087376384 Snicker. A fabulous photo is making the rounds. Need a late Christmas gift? Check this out:!/ILamy7/status/416634815132073984!/LolaGOP/status/416938864218243072 […]


Sadie Robertson comments following A&E’s suspension of her grandfather

, , ,!/sadierob/status/413524439549362176 Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson tweeted the above comments after A&E suspended her grandfather, Phil Robertson. *** Related: ‘Everyone f*cks up’: Jack Osbourne applauds ‘Duck Dynasty’ family for ‘sticking together’ N-word user Nikki Sixx calls ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson a racist ‘a-hole’ [flashback videos] ‘Thumbs up,’ Skyjacker! ‘Duck Dynasty’ sponsor tweets thanks to Phil […]


How ’bout that? A&E still cashing in on suspended ‘Duck Dynasty’ star

, , ,!/davidjohnpotts/status/413495542824448000 It looks like A&E won’t have to deal with the pesky business of editing out “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson. After suspending the star for his response to a GQ question about sin, A&E went on to air episodes of the hit series last night.!/CarolVicic/status/413486486000902144 And the episodes included Mr. Robertson, natch.!/dealbyz/status/413560808799354883 […]


Lou Dobbs: A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ marathon will teach Christians a lesson

, , , ,!/loudobbsnews/status/414165985373863936 A&E might have suspended Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” for his comments to GQ, but viewers next week will have nearly 36 hours to watch Phil and his family do their thing as the network goes ahead with a “Duck Dynasty” marathon.How about that?!/ZackScott/status/413801571013505025!/TheDavidMcGuire/status/413650130982535168!/tomjbo/status/413490359847907328!/dattiljs/status/414171774562369536!/johnsdorsey/status/413493803098439680!/TheKrausHouse/status/414159395539660801!/IAMMGraham/status/413875007618441216 Just close your […]


Place your bets! Will someone ask Obama about ‘Duck Dynasty’ at today’s presser?

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Wonder if Obama will have time to talk about Obamacare in between Duck Dynasty questions today. — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 20, 2013 As Twitchy reported, President Obama will be holding a press conference this afternoon before he flees heads to Hawaii for a 17-day vacation with his family. It’s possible that he’ll take a […]


Godwin from ‘Duck Dynasty’ finds his Christmas double [photo]


Our homemade wiseman looks like Godwin from Duck Dynasty! @GodwintheWalrus — Amy Wilson (@amycwilson12) November 28, 2013 John Godwin may not have his own “Duck Dynasty” Chia Pet, but he retweeted this homemade likeness. Our homemade wiseman looks like Godwin from Duck Dynasty! @GodwintheWalrus — Amy Wilson (@amycwilson12) November 28, 2013 Hmm … […]