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I Really Hope This Dog’s Old Owner Sees This. It Left Me In Tears… Especially The End.

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The following message was posted on the New York City Craigslist. The person that wrote the message adopted a rescued pit bull that was at a kill shelter in the city. Her previous owners were evicted from their building and the dog, who was covered in cigarette burns, was taken to the shelter. Luckily, she […]


This Loving Pup Helps Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Mom…And It’s Ridiculously Sweet

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There’s nobody this adorable pup loves more than his mom. She takes care of him, feeds him, and even takes him on long walks that end in belly rubs! When dad started singing “Happy Birthday” to his favorite lady on her special day, the dog decided to chime in. Let’s just say that the end […]


What This Doberman Decides To Do On The Slide Just Made My Day.

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Taking your dogs to the park and playing with them as part of the family is a joy. After all, only kids and animals are able to embrace their joy and urge to play. A pair of Dobermans were having fun with their owners when they came across the slide. The first dog knew exactly […]


When Her Favorite Human Returned From A Business Trip, She Was The Happiest Dog Ever

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If you’re at all skeptical that our pets have feelings and memories, just watch this video. When Sarah’s dad returned after being away because of work for two months, she decided to give him the fuzziest, happiest welcome home hug. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she missed him a […]


He Wanted To Teach This Puppy How To Take The Stairs…But Then He Did This!

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Puppies and stairs have never been best friends. The little fluffy things just never trust those tricky steps. When this guy tries to coax his tiny cutie down the front steps outside his door, the pup has a better idea. You can’t deny it’s pretty effective…and super hilarious. Hey, sometimes we have to think creatively […]


30 Adorably Dumb Dogs That Will Make You Laugh Way Too Hard

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); If you have a dog, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how smart they can be. But chances are, you’ve also witnessed some moments that make you reconsider their intelligence, too. Take the adorable pups below…you really have to wonder what they were thinking — or if they were thinking at […]