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This Pit Bull Was Thrown Out Because He Wasn’t Perfect, But A Hero Saved Him

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Captain is a pit bull that was abandoned by his family because he wasn’t “perfect.” He was born with a blind left eye and a deformed right ear, and for that reason, his owners abandoned him on the steps of a kill shelter in North Carolina. This typically would’ve been a death sentence for such […]


They Were Just Going To Rescue 6 Puppies, But Then… Something Else Happened.

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There’s no way to sugar coat this one… after seeing this, you might just be streaming with tears of joy in a public place. (Sorry about that.) What these people did with the rescue dogs is nothing short of amazing. Originally, they intended to rescue a litter of puppies, but then? It gets so much better. […]


This Stray Pit Bull Will Show You What True Friendship Means.

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If you don’t already believe that animals have emotions, then this story of two dogs will make you a believer. A stray Pitbull and a small Chihuahua lived a rough life together in Savannah, Georgia. They were found roaming the streets together, both of them in terrible condition. They were brought into a dog rescue […]