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Dianne Feinstein answer questions about impeachment and Russia to protesters

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Javier Panzar a reporter for the LA Times caught on video these interactions between Senator Dianne Feinstein and protesters/activists outside an LA fundraiser: Protesters from various groups including Indivisible r demanding a town hall outside @SenFeinstein fundraiser in LA — Javier Panzar (@jpanzar) March 17, 2017 // Here are the first couple of […]


Update: Boxer, Feinstein Call For End To California’s Vaccine Exemptions

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The California Democrats say there should be “no such thing” as a philosophical exemption. California has had a recent measles outbreak — and, in general, few Democrats in the state are totally clear on whether the exemption should end. View this image › Joe Raedle / Getty Images WASHINGTON — Democrats toed the line Tuesday […]


Dianne Feinstein uses ‘disgusting comparison’ for illegal immigrants at border

, ,!/redsteeze/status/487278061700673536 Step forward and collect your winnings!!/charlescwcooke/status/487277663216627712 From NRO: The Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman told the New York Times that sending the Central American children back to their home countries would be like “boatloads of Jewish immigrants trying to come to this country during Nazi Germany and getting turned back.” Talk about a gal who really gets it. […]


‘Oversight my ass’! Anyone buy WH’s excuse for sketchy Bergdahl swap?

, , , , , , , , , ,!/fuegote/status/473879492599885824 The White House didn’t mean to possibly violate the law when it issued the release of five Taliban leaders for Bowe Bergdahl. It was just an “oversight”:!/ChadPergram/status/473886333468160000 From The Hill: Feinstein told reporters that she received a call from Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken on Monday evening apologizing for what the administration […]