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Homeless Man Gives A Tour Of His Inventive House… And It’s Kind Of Awesome

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Some people always know how to make the best of a bad situation. They just have the optimism and inventiveness it takes to turn anything around. That’s the case for one homeless man in Los Angeles who recently gave a tour of his “house” to a visitor. He’s salvaged enough furniture and appliances to make […]


Here Are 15 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles. I’ll Drink To That!

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If you still think recycling is boring, maybe you should think about taking that bad attitude and turning it into something cool. You probably won’t be able to make an ottoman out of it, but anything else would be a complete upgrade. There’s no longer any room in this world for people who hate on […]


She Cut Up Some Old Bottles, Bought A Cheap Trellis, And Made An Indoor Garden!

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Winter is a very dreary time for people with green thumbs, what with almost all the vegetation that grows outside dead or dying. But fear not, amateur botanists! Here is an awesome way to make an indoor garden that should tide you over until spring. It’s incredibly easy to make and quite aesthetically pleasing. Check […]


7 Affordable, Modern Alternatives For When You Finally Get Sick Of IKEA

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Like any good 20-something, I love IKEA with every fiber of my being. There’s something refreshing about wandering around in a housewares store where things don’t cost all of the dollars. That being said, it gets a little exhausting to know that your furniture is also everyone else’s furniture. Aside from that, IKEA has the […]