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Dennis Rodman can’t contain glee over reunion with BFF Kim Jong Un [pics]

, , , ,!/dguttenfelder/status/420066025434918913 “Flair”? If by “flair” you mean “reckless disregard for human suffering,” then yes. Rodman’s got pantloads of flair. The ex-NBA star is back in North Korea for his bestie Kim Jong Un’s 31st birthday, and this time, he’s brought some friends with him.!/Stone_SkyNews/status/420090922622533632!/hohocho/status/420095858638479360 Brutal dictatorships are hilarious!!/dguttenfelder/status/420103516963631104!/mpspavor/status/420140955748933632!/mpspavor/status/420143347802447872 How nice […]