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Try again: Two former Obama staffers swing and miss at French election analysis

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Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has come up with the reasons he thinks Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the French election. Put simply: Obama endorsed Macron, and Trumpseemed to expresssupport forLe Pen. [email protected] endorsed @EmmanuelMacron. @POTUS leaned in for Putin-backed Le Pen. After Macron's landslide today, will Trump reach out? — David Axelrod […]


David Axelrod has strange fascination with monkey butts [screenshot]

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David Axelrod shared an anecdote this morning from an “old Chicago pol” to help explain presidential politics and polling. Presidential candidates are like monkeys, you see: Many immediately thought the “monkey” was Ben Carson: But Axelrod was actually calling Marco Rubio a monkey, not Carson: This will now be called David Axelrod’s “monkey butt” test,and […]


David Axelrod addresses ‘unhappy emails’ on ‘sketchy’ Perry indictment

, , , ,!/davidaxelrod/status/501827828950630400 Democrat political consultant David Axelrod shocked quite a few when he tweeted that the indictment of Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry on abuse of power charges seemed “pretty sketchy.” Days later he’s saying he’s received “lots of unhappy emails” about the tweet, but he still has questions about the indictment.!/davidaxelrod/status/501827906843062272!/davidaxelrod/status/501827956667215873 Still sketchy.!/IanHGray/status/501830537733222400!/MaeveReston/status/501830812674035713!/LarryGustison1/status/501833558999052288 […]


Does David Axelrod have a problem with GOP congresswomen who talk about ‘ladies’?

, , , , ,!/baseballcrank/status/453945777467822080 Yesterday, GOP Rep. Lynn Jenkins criticized the Democrats’ “gender wage gap” ridiculousness: Jenkins called the Democratic criticism of Republican policies toward women “condescending.” “Let me set the record straight: We strongly support equal pay for equal work,” she said. “And I’m proud that I live in a country where it’s illegal to discriminate in the […]