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Lapdogs, unite! Obama’s ‘team of merry manchildren’ mocks Romney Russia op-ed

, , , , , , , ,!/seanagnew/status/445931210746126336 Gross description, but accurate nonetheless. Seriously. Is there a better way to describe this sickening spectacle? Despite the fact that Mitt Romney was right about Russia all along, his op-ed in this morning’s Wall Street Journal is provoking gleeful scorn from a trio of Obama toadies, namely Time’s Mark Halperin, former Obama staffer Tommy […]


Dan Pfeiffer, WH tout crappy O-care ‘savings,’ ignore millions who lost coverage

, ,!/jerry148/status/412625760638468096 White House flack Dan Pfeiffer is super-excited, you guys. Because look at all the money Obamacare has saved American families:!/pfeiffer44/status/412625299331751936 The White House is pumped, too:!/WhiteHouse/status/412651014676705281 Wow! A whole $100! Never mind that millions of Americans have already had their policies canceled. And the number will be way higher than 8.5 million […]


Boehner, Cantor staffers debate Jay Carney and Dan Pfeiffer on minimum wage

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Check out the Twitter war among @PressSec @BrendanBuck and @pfeiffer44 re. minimum wage. — Angela GreilingKeane (@agreilingkeane) March 19, 2014 There was a debate this afternoon on Twitter involving Jay Carney and Dan Pfeiffer pushing the White House line on the minimum wage against Rory Cooper and Brendan Buck, staffers for Reps. Eric Cantor and […]