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Here Are The Most Cursed Movies In Hollywood. Cue Tragedy!

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Being in the movie business can be a little high stakes gambling at times. So many Directors are quick to call their movies ‘cursed’ because even after millions of dollars and several years of time being poured into it, most movies never make it to the theater due to poor testing or disagreements with the […]


I Had No Idea There Were So Many Cursed Items In The World. Yikes.

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Can an inanimate object–or anything, really–be cursed? It’s hard to say. Will I do my best to avoid anything that carries the label out of fear that it actually is? You bet. It doesn’t matter how unlikely it is, the second someone says they think something might be cursed, I instantly lose all interest in […]


When You’re A Gardener In A Graveyard, You’re Bound To Find Some Weird Things

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There are a lot of jobs out there that might be considered creepy, and being a graveyard gardener would probably top most people’s lists. As is the case with other gardeners, these folks are tasked with beautifying outdoor spaces. But all that beauty is bound to be interrupted when you make a living planting flowers […]


In China, Grave Robbers Have Become Matchmakers, Marrying Two Corpses For A Fee

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Are we supposed to take “’til death do us part” literally? Probably not, right? Apparently, in rural China, love after death is a big deal, since the village of Dongbao has reported at least 36 cases of grave robbery for the purpose of marrying one deceased bachelor to the corpse of someone else’s bride. These […]