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When These Construction Workers Get Bored At Work, They Play With the Equipment

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When you’re stuck at work with nothing to do, that’s when you create your own fun. You’ve probably had at least one night at work when you finished your to-do list early and had a bit of free time to play with. Conquering boredom in the workplace often leads to creativity. Some of my favorite […]


His Wife Finally Gave In And Let Him Build This. The Basement Will Never Be The Same Again.

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“My wife won’t let me do it” is a notorious line, sometimes based on truth, other times just an excuse. In the case of user skerley1979, it was unfortunately true. Then, finally, his wife gave in and turned him loose in the basement to build exactly what he wanted. The result? Pretty epic. Check this […]


This Is How You Can Easily Remove Old Popcorn Ceiling From Any Room (Without Making A Mess)

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At one point, popcorn ceiling was pretty popular. Many people liked the bright, white appearance of the stucco. From the 1950s until the 1980s, countless houses had the easy ceiling treatment. However, as time passes, tastes and fads change…and after a while, the popcorn ceiling became outdated. Removing it is fairly easy. If you spray […]