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What’s Underneath This Chest Of Drawers In An Old Church Is Beyond Creepy. What The?

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Most churches are very old buildings, and because of that, sometimes those structures can be a little on the creepy side (especially the basements, choir lofts and organ rooms). But even at that, you probably have never seen something THIS strange inside a place of worship. While visiting a church, a Reddit user needed to use the […]


This Church Can Disappear In Just A Few Seconds. See It For Yourself.

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Have you ever wished you could just disappear? You could if you were a Belgian church. (Well, this one at least. I’m not sure about all Belgian churches.) “Reading between the Lines” is an installation created by the design duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The piece, which is located in Limburg, Belgium, is made up of […]


A Father Sang To His Daughter On Her Wedding Day… And The Result Was Epic.

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This father wanted to give his daughter a really special gift on her wedding day… and he came up with something awesome. As they walked down the aisle of the church on that beautiful day, hand in hand, he started singing Edwin McCain’s “Walk With You” to her. There wasn’t a single dry eye in […]