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Chuck Schumer slams Trump at G20 as ’embarrassment’ (would a reset button have helped?)

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Frequent Trump critic Sen. Chuck Schumer had some strong words about the president’s trip to the G20 Summit in Germany and his meeting with Vladimir Putin: While a few good things came out of the G20 summit, overall it was an embarrassment to our country & our ideals. — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) July 8, 2017 […]


‘GTFOH’! Did you catch this LAUGHABLE bit in Chuck Schumer’s #NetNeutrality tweet?

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As Twitchy told you, Chuck Schumer tweeted an impassioned argument against Net Neutrality repeal today — and knocked out Terry McAuliffe in the process. But there’s another layer to his stupidity in that tweet. Can you spot it? If #NetNeutrality is eliminated, the Internet may start to resemble a toll road, with the highest bidders […]


‘That’s cute, Chuck’: Now Schumer wants to ‘compromise’ with GOP on SCOTUS

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GorT: He seriously believes in a tit-for-tat governing approach? #fail — The Gormogons (@Gormogons) April 4, 2017 // With Neil Gorsuch inching closer and closer to being confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice thanks, possibly, to the triggering of the nuclear option suddenly Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is pleading for “compromise”: Schumer: […]


Chuck Schumer explains why his 2007 SCOTUS opposition ‘doesn’t apply’ today

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In 2007, Sen. Chuck Schumer was among those who vowed to block any high court picks of then-President George W. Bush during his final year in office. Today, Schumer continued to explain why using his own words against him is not an apples-to-apples comparison: You can watch Schumer’s full answer at the link, but here’s […]


‘Check a calendar, idiot’: Did Sen. Chuck Schumer just go back to the future?

, , ,!/FauxToure/status/448108473830477824 Does anybody know what day it is? Not this guy, apparently:!/SenSchumer/status/448107473183203328 Hey, when he went into politics, he was told there would be no math!!/RBPundit/status/448109061226377216!/EEElverhoy/status/448109188250488832!/conkc2/status/448109651297464320 Nope.!/RJCHVZ/status/448109732574674944!/AF632/status/448108740168806401!/NoahWehrman/status/448109286896697344!/redsteeze/status/448112755326062592!/Matthops82/status/448108872746954752!/singlemaltgal/status/448110552150069249!/redsteeze/status/448117634845122561!/Matthops82/status/448110061253296128 That’s good advice, Senator.!/rachelveronica/status/448111347436228609 Oh, man … we hope so! Editor’s note: This post has […]


Don’t look now, but you are being mercilessly mocked for your Holder idiocy

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@SenSchumer HA! Never let it be said that Dems aren't creative in their in self-righteous babble. — Steve D (@MoonbatSlayer) September 25, 2014 Yes. Also, disgusting: Most disgusting Horatius at the Bridge allusion ever ==> — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 25, 2014 As Twitchy reported, Sen. Chuck Schumer really let his delusional show with […]