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17 DIY Christmas Trees That Are Great Alternatives To The Real Thing

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Listen. I love Christmas. I love the food, the lights, the family time, and the presents. There’s one thing about the holiday season, however, that strikes fear into my heart, and that’s the thought of dragging a tree into my tiny city apartment and vacuuming up needles 57 times a day. But because I have […]


These Cats Are Seriously Unimpressed With Christmas And Their Festive Owners

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Cat owners are often guilty of thinking that dressing their cats up as Santa’s little helpers for Christmas is the funniest thing ever. Cats, on the other hand, don’t agree. To help the kitties forgive and forget, TEMPTATIONS is urging pet owners everywhere to apologize to their furry friends with treats once those antlers come […]


‘Go phuk urse elves’: A Charlie Sheen Christmas [photos]

,!/DavidianOrder/status/416048473998626816 Charlie Sheen tried to make the most of his #winning Christmas … by telling his exes to “go phuk urse elves.” First he lamented that he wasn’t able to spend the holidays with his children because of visitation restrictions. He took a shot  at “B, D, and DCFS,” meaning his ex-wives Brooke Mueller, Denise Richards, and the Los […]


Families discuss Obamacare at Christmas, unify against it

, , , , ,!/methuselaschild/status/415932390515568640 Meddling First Lady Michelle Obama urged Americans to discuss Obamacare at the Christmas dinner table. Families took her up on the invitation. Ready for some of the results, FLOTUS? No holiday “treats” here.!/jodikyman/status/415242603081129986!/AllenKlump/status/415644787748765696!/StuckySkills/status/415689991809806336!/Zachhwooten/status/415677562455482368!/hoedeehoe/status/415895956903575552!/notstevenwhite/status/415865520173617152!/Kozmocostello/status/415872944221343744 Unity brought to you by the Obamas, at last!!/CalkinsMark/status/415902615185391616!/weshouldallcare/status/415679422553800704 Enlightenment: One of […]


There Was A Letter To Santa Peaking Out Of This Box At The Mall. When I Read It, I Burst Into Tears.

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Redditor Darth_Vagrance works security at a mall that has a mail box where kids can drop off letters for Santa. One night when he was working late he saw a letter peeking out of the letter box. Curiosity got the better of him and he just had to take a peek at what one of the kids […]


Ho-ho-hosurance? Colo. group recruits Santa to spread O-care Christmas cheer [pics]

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Website fixed? No chance RT @alanfranklin: Nate & Susie are back! Will they opt in? #GotInsurance #ThanksObamacare — Tyler Q. Houlton (@tqhoulton) December 11, 2013 If you thought OFA’s insistence that you spend Christmas talking to your family about Obamacare was awesome, you’re gonna love the latest from the geniuses who brought you “Brosurance” […]